"As a 58 year old, I had been experiencing chronic pain due to bulging disks throughout my entire spine.

   After just four acupuncture treatments from Dr. Yi, I was able to resume moderate activities and stopped taking all prescription pain medications.  My chiropractor found it easier to manipulate me, and I was able to maintain spinal stability for longer periods.

   Dr. Yi’s treatment has been nothing short of a miracle. My friends have been so impressed with my improvement, that they too, have made appointments to see Dr. Yi. I highly recommend Dr. Yi to anyone seeking relief from chronic ailments."

            -- Debra S.            Fort Gordon, GA

   "Dr. Yi has certainly helped with my back, leg, and hip pain. Before his treatment, I could barely walk with lots of pain medication. Much better now and no strong pain pills."

            -- Glenda A. E.       Augusta, GA

   "I have suffered with chronic pain throughout my body for more than six years due to the line of work that I am in. I have tried everything including medication, chiropractic care, and physical therapy without relief. I did not want to live the rest of my life in pain or in a fog because of medication. 
       I decided to try acupuncture and after only four treatments at Yi Acupuncture, I am feeling more relief than ever. I no longer feel like a young man living in an old man's body. I know that with continued treatment, I am going to have my life and my body back!"

            -- Robert D. M.       Fayetteville, NC

   "My acupuncture treatment, every week, and the past years have been a great help for me. My severe osteoporosis is much less painful, and I'm able to exercise, sleep well, and live a fairly normal life. At age 83, this is very good for me!"

            -- Anne C. B.            Augusta, GA

   "My name is Teressa I. My daughter, 12 years old, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) in May, 1998. Since this diagnosis, we have sought the most appropriate medical care in attempting to find relief for pain, suffering, and immobility. In September of 2005, she encountered a severe set back in health that took away her ability to walk and use her limbs. She was also placed in a wheelchair during the 2005-2006 school years, in which she walked only a few steps daily.

   Today, because of her acupuncture therapy and alternative medical treatments, she is able to participate in a normal life-style, 95% of her awakening day. Before the success with these conventional remedies, her only recourse was the traditional rheumatology method of medical care."

            -- Teressa I.             Ridge Spring, SC

   "When I first went to Xiande Yi, my back pain was so severe that I could hardly walk or get out of bed. I even had a surgery but it was of no help. A friend of mine who was and is still having acupuncture treatment told me to try acupunture first before doing anything else. So I went to Xiande Yi. Little by little, I feel better, I feel more energy, and the pain is almost gone. I don't take any medication for high blood pressure or for high cholesterol. Acupuncture is the best treatment I have. I am glad I did. Thanks Xiande."

            -- Esther K. L.         Keysville, GA

   "After surgery on my left knee for a torn meniscus about 5 years ago, I developed problems including a decided limp because of pain. But after only 5 acupuncture treatments, most of the pain in my knee went away and I was able to walk with a regular gait again. 
      I continue to get acupuncture treatments every other week. My knee is certainly not cured, and it may need surgery again at a later date, but it is definitely in better shape than it was before I started the treatments. I am thrilled about my progress."

            -- Peggy E. C.         Augusta, GA

   "I would like everyone to know that I have been a patient of Xiande Yi for about 6 weeks. I have been diagnosed with "allergic asthma" and I am currently being treated with many drugs, including inhalers, allergy shots, advair, singular, etc. For the most part, my asthma had been under control, but starting April '09 I was really struggling to have a "normal" day. After several visits to Xiande Yi, my asthma has been much better.
    Let me be clear...I have not stopped taking my medications, but my breathing has been much improved."

            -- David H. B.            Appling, GA